Friday, 13 March 2009

Zanzo sim update and rental opportunities

The Zanzo sim is coming along really well and I think we're well on course to launch by our projected date of April 1st. The new build is looking stunning, sort of a logical upgrade from our current Harajuku street to a mini-Shibuya style city square.

We've also created a park that isn't quite finished yet but looking fantastic. Furthermore, five main stores have joined us and one coffee shop that will provide a nice place to chillax.

We still have two parcels left, both excellent opportunities. (UPDATE: Both gone)

1. 4800 sq. m / 1098 prims - This is a huge lot with lots of prims to use and also has other benefits. It has an unobstructed view of the park in front of it (the other grassy patch over the makeshift road won't be used for anything but a light meadow) and also a diagonal view of the Zanzo main store.

2. 2992 sq. m / 684 prims - In the north-west corner of the sim is this nicely sized plot with water views on two sides, the road on the other, and the coffee shop in the parcel next door. Another excellent opportunity.

* Tenants get full parcel control.
* Those chunky makeshift pathways will be converted into attractive ground-level roads for easy navigation around the sim.
* If interested in a parcel send a notecard to me, Theodore DuCasse, with your shop (or other venture) name, landmark and product pics if possible. We'll scan it and contact you if its all good to give you a look at it, the rental agreement, and so on.