Friday, 31 July 2009

"Harmony" skins on sale @ Zanzo

Our popular "Harmony" skins for ladies at Zanzo are now available at a special discount price. We've cut L$250 off each pack to make them L$600 each now. Each pack contains four skins, each one having a different lipstick color for variety. Interested? Take this direct teleport to the skins and check out demos. ^^

Friday, 24 July 2009

New "Boyhood" skins @ Zanzo

After much work, we're happy to reveal our new line of male youth skins at Zanzo! "Boyhood" skins are more versatile than we originally intended, not just child skins but also good for teen and possibly androgynous young adult avatars (try demos ^^). Detailed and vibrant, these skins are available in three yummy skin tones: Todd (pale), Greg (medium tan), Bobby (darker tan).

Each tone has five options to choose from: Bare, Freckly (includes cute upper body freckles!), Blush, Eyeliner, and Boo-Boo. Each skin is L$1200 and comes with two eyebrow options, light and dark, while discounted fatpacks for each tone are available.

As always with new releases, we've made shapes fitted perfectly for the new skins! In this case, nine of 'em. The youngest seven use the female base to male shape conversion that is popular among skinny young avatars. The oldest two, with a little more width and muscle use the regular male base. Come and see 'em in store.

Hope you like!

Note: With the release of these, we've retired two of our older ranges. "Androgyny" (our oldest, it has served us well, but time to go) and "Childhood".

Friday, 17 July 2009

New additions to "Seraphim" skin range @ Zanzo!

We've expanded our popular Seraphim skin range for guys at Zanzo today. Featured in several SL magazines and blogs, Seraphim is one of Second Life's premier androgynous/youthful skin ranges for male avatars, offering a fresh and cool alternative look for those wanting a less mature look than many.

We've added six new skins to each of the four skin tones today. Four are "Femboy" skins with makeups for feminine boys, named "Satin", "Porphyry", "Ruby", and "Harajuku". The other two are more edgy skins with a new emo style variation called "Black Misery" and a scratched eye one called "Neko's Victim" with deep red gashes that extend from the forehead to cheekbone on one side of the face.

Like with our original set, each box comes with light and dark eyebrow options, and costs L$1200 per skin. A discounted fatpack of the entire range is also available for completists. ^^

Teleport to Zanzo

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

New "Uni-Kawaii Boxers" @ Zanzo

Yeah, we keep making new stuff and have no lives. Anyway, today's release at Zanzo are some smexy unisex kawaii themed boxers. Unisex as in each box comes with two versions, male and female, with altered, err... crotch areas to be anatomically correct. They are available in five designs at L$80 each with a discounted fatpack.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

New "X-Body Bags" @ Zanzo

We've added these stylishly themed X-Body Bags to the Pink Bubble area of the Zanzo main store today. We used some of our long-time favourite themes like Hello Kitty, Final Fantasy VII, and Emo - along with a few others.

Each design comes with a default male and female fit and each one of those has a clickable resizer menu. No mod/copy/no transfer, L$150 w/ a discounted fatpack. Hope you like!

Friday, 10 July 2009

New "Kawaii Puptags" @ Zanzo

Something cute today that we've added to the Pink Bubble area of the Zanzo main store. Some might call these dogtags but we put our own spin on them and call them puptags! Six super-kawaii designs are available at L$140 each plus the usual discounted fatpack. Do want? Here's your taxi! ^^

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

New Tokyo Street Style outfits @ Zanzo

After much thought and research we've added a new line of outfits to our popular "Kakkoii!" area at the Zanzo main store.

Inspired by the Tokyo street style, these outfits come in three styles with each one having distinct colours schemes and slight style differences. All are eye-catching and will make you stand out!

"Yas Ape & Yas Lion" $520 each (both in a bundle for $830 ~ 20% off)

"Taku Razor & Taku Horopito" $500 each (both in a bundle for $800 ~ 20% off)

"Tsubasa Diver & Tsubasa Pearl" $480 each (both in a bundle for $770 ~ 20% off)

Every outfit is packed and these are major upgrades on our original line - basically everything you see in each picture minus skin, shape, and hair is included - each outfit having footwear, clothing with several options and sculpted prims for extra realism, and accessories. Resizer script versions are included for many tough-to-resize things like shoes and necklaces.

We have tons more ideas for this line for guys and girls but each outfit takes a while to construct so we'll add them sporadically. Come and check 'em out if you think they'd suit you.