Thursday, 5 March 2009

New additions to the "King's Road" line

We've expanded our popular King's Road range at Zanzo with the second line of culturally inspired menswear! Four new arrivals and they are...

- Manchester Scene Cardigans
Smart but stylish cardigans and jeans (sold separately so you can mix 'n' match colors as you please) that many young guys today wear. The cardigans feature sculpted cuffs and also come with a complimentary black shirt which itself has a sculpted collar and can be worn under the cardigan or separately. As our recent freebie giveaway showed when they were blogged by quite a few girls, these also have a unisex appeal to them! The jeans are styled with checkered patterns and come in five colors.

- Tokugawa Shirts
More Asian inspired wear, these shirts are extremely sexy, each sporting a unique pattern similar to the Nehru Jackets. Each shirt comes with a sculpted collar and sleeves.

- Oxford Loafers
Formal and stylish sculpted loafers, these can be worn with a variety of clothing styles. They feature very realistic textures and come in five colors.

- Estancia Polo Boots
More niche footwear this time as these polo boots are long (two pieces per foot) and very unique. Also in five varieties!

Everything is mod/copy/no transfer.

All have fatpacks with 20% discounts on the entire range. Come and see!