Wednesday, 25 February 2009

New belted hoodies added

OMG, more kawaii wear at Zanzo! The tees, tanks, jeans, and shorts are much <3'd so we've made some new stuff today for the Pink Bubble female clothing area. These are belted hoodies that extend down just to above your belly button, providing a sexy fit.

Included are a sculpted hood w/ flexi strings, belted sleeves, and a belted waist piece. But the most striking part are the uber-kawaii designs which come in six varieties and colors. Check 'em out!

Monday, 23 February 2009

New "Kabuki Ensemble" @ Zanzo

Following up on our recent "Illumistar Hoodies", we've now released the second chapter of a range of unique designs called "Kabuki Ensemble" at Zanzo. These are funky and fresh lower body unisex ensembles that include shorts (w/ sculpted bottoms), star-patterned thick socks, sculpted legwarmers, and a sculpted waist & belt w/ a kyoot pet dragon attached.

Available in 5 colors (green, red, denim/blue, brown, pink) with a 20% discounted fatpack, everything is mod/copy/no transfer (we've included two sizes with general fits for male and females). $150 each and they can be found in the Kakkoii! area of our main store next to the hoodies.

Yet more shapes

Because I have this thing about making at least eight shapes for every new skin range now, two more! These should appease our SL Teen shoppers who we <3.

We'll have a new fashion addition soon that is pretty unique and part of the original range we're adding little by little (the Illumistar Hoodies were the first).

Friday, 20 February 2009

Two new shapes added

We added two new male shapes today, optimized for the new "Seraphim" range that has taken off really well! Thanks to Elysium Eilde for featuring them in her amazing photography blog and really bringing them to life. Anyway, the shapes...

18-year-old Jody (female base/femboy shape)

22-year-old Andrew

Monday, 16 February 2009

New "Seraphim Skins" @ Zanzo

Introducing "Seraphim Skins" our brand new skin range at Zanzo. The long awaited sequel to one of our oldest ranges, "Androgyny", these bring a whole new level of androgynous beauty to Second Life males. We worked really hard to create an amazingly beautiful range for guys who like this style.

In four yummy skin tones - Gabriel, Raphael, Zerachiel, Michael - there are 15 variations that cover some ground; natural styles, emo styles, alternative styles, femboy styles, and Final Fantasy + anime styles. Each box also contains two eyebrow tones, light and dark, to match whatever your hair style is. Demos available as always along with discounted fatpacks!

We've also made four shapes optimized to the range and more will come over the week.

Saturday, 14 February 2009

New "Nirvana Eyes" @ Zanzo

Today we've released our first new range of eyes for quite some time. Titled "Nirvana", these are very pretty and were made as a lead-in to a new skin range (see below) that they will match very well. And for the first time, we've included a sparkle effect, which allows you to wear two eye attachments (optional of course) that make your eyes sparkle. 12 varieties (the unreleased 13th should be with you by now as a group-only freebie) and just $90L each with a 50% discounted(!) fatpack.

Coming soon: Seraphim skins

Friday, 13 February 2009

New Prize Chairs @ Zanzo

We've done away with the lucky chairs at Zanzo that have been basically picked clean ... replacing them are four prize chairs with brand new items in. In future we'll have more but for now four great prizes are up for grabs!

- Sit 120 minutes for a trendy Beaux-Artes Shirt (men)
- Sit 120 minutes for a pair of brown leather boot shoes (women)
- Sit 180 minutes for a Tuatha Fae skin (Dusk ~ Sun Masque) (men)
- Sit 180 minutes for a Harajuku Doll skin (Monarch Butterfly) (women)

Here they are:

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

New "Illumistar Hoodies" @ Zanzo

We've added a new hoodie in the "Kakkoii!" area of the Zanzo main store. Called "Illumistar Hoodies" these are the first of a new unique range of clothing that will be added little by little to our store. These are unisex as the poster shows, good for guys or girls.

Available in 7 colors (Blue, Green, Grey, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow), each hoodie features...

- 2 "down" hoods (one with fur, one without) and 1 "up" hood (to wear over your head) all with flexi-strings.
- 2 cuff/sleeve styles (one with colorful safety pins, other without)
- A very unique checkered obi for around the waist (two sizes included) with glowsticks attached)
- Cute badges to wear on your chest or whereever.

Only $150 each with a discounted fatpack option, everything is mod/copy/no transfer.

Friday, 6 February 2009

New "School Daze" outfits @ Zanzo

Zanzo presents the latest addition to its Kakkoii! line, "School Daze"! Stylish, sexy, colorful school outfits for guys and girls with a whole bunch of combination styles from formal school uniform to scruffy street style with loose tie.

The info:

- Only $450 for what can be essentially three or four outfits, depending on how you mix and match (style guide included with recommended looks)
- Each pack contains 24 pieces, including lots of sculpted enhancements such as cuffs, sleeves, ties (normal and untied styles), and blazer bottoms.
- Sculpted school shoes included (girls get two variations).

Here are a couple of examples (there are five uniforms for guys and five uniforms for girls in total)

Come by our main store and teleport to the Kakkoii! area (well, its just to the left of landing point if you'd rather walk), then grab yourself some sexy Asian style!