Thursday, 26 March 2009

The Bunny Hop starts later

About 300 stores -- including us at Zanzo -- will be taking part in "The Bunny Hop" grid-wide hunt that starts at 00:00 SLT time (GMT -8) from 3/27 to 4/19.

There are so many of these hunts and to be honest we don't take part in many as they are a dime a dozen, but I really like the theme and idea of this one, with a cool crossover between English and Japanese language (and probably a fair few others) stores. As a big admirer of the underappreciated Japanese SL scene, I'm hopeful that this will open more eyes to the creative stuff Japanese SLers create.

Anyway, we've already released our gift (called the "Bunny Fiesta Egg", three separate items) and announced it to group members and now anyone who reads this. You'll have to find it in our store but it shouldn't be too hard (*hintlookforlotsofpinkhint*).

Visit the hunt's starting point and start hopping!