Thursday, 28 October 2010

New hair @ Zanzo

Hey! We've released two new hairstyles today to follow up on our introductory range at Zanzo. ^^

Doi - Short, smart hair, quite preppy.

Haku hair - Open visor cap hair, really stylish with hair sticking out and over the cap!

Both of these styles are available in 10 different color packs (each pack has 3 shades) for only L$200 each. A discounted fatpack for all colors is also available. ^^

--> Visit Zanzo in-world~!

Saturday, 23 October 2010

New "Fruit Pop Glasses" @ Zanzo

We've released a chic, slightly geeky but certainly cute range of sculpted glasses in the Pink Bubble area of Zanzo called "Fruit Pop Glasses".

Available in 8 yummy flavors, they are only L$150 a pair with a discounted fatpack available. All are mod/copy/no transfer!

--> Direct teleport to "Fruit Pop Glasses" @ Zanzo~!

Thursday, 21 October 2010

New "Coiled Hooded Pullovers" @ Zanzo

Winter is almost here in most places so we've made something to keep you warm at Zanzo!

Introducing our new "Coiled Hooded Pullovers", a new menswear range! These are pullover sweaters with themed plaid hoodies that sit within a sculpted collar. Great original sculpties (collar, hoodie, cuffs, shirt bottom) and textures create a high quality look for men!

They are available in eight styles for L$220 each.

They can be found in the U82 area of Zanzo, right near the landing point. ^^

Friday, 15 October 2010

New "Alchemy Kit Bags" @ Zanzo

New at Zanzo today is this trendy set of bags, added to our Union 82 area!

Available in eight styles, these bags are modern and look great, with high quality textures and cool designs!

The bags are +mod but a resizer script version is also included in case you want to make it extra small!

--> Direct teleport to the "Alchemy Kit Bags"~!

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Five new ranges @ Zanzo/Pink Bubble!

We've begun expanding our popular Pink Bubble range of cutesy stuff at Zanzo with five new ranges today!

Tongue It! - Some of Second Life's cutest sculpted tongues. In many different themes with four tongue shapes in each pack!

I'm Blind - A really cute selection of blindfolds in various styles and colors.

Bettydoll Dresses - Really cute babydoll style dresses in eight unique styles!

Dollybird Shorts - Adorabubble shorts with sculpted cuffs & contrasting tights. Also in eight different styles.

Botticelli Loose Tees - A new selection of loose tees for girls with spring-ish patterns and sculpted parts.

--> Direct teleport to Pink Bubble @ Zanzo~!

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

New "Chibi" skins @ Zanzo!

Chibi is here! An adorable standalone range of skins for boys and girls by Zanzo! These are cute, adorabubble skins for young or just generally cutesy avatars.

Each has 4 skin options, discounted fatpacks, and even extended look collections (boy - skins, shape, eyes, hair / girls - skins, shape, eyes)! We worked hard to make what we think are some of the highest quality cutesy skins in SL.

--> Teleport to Chibi (Boy)

--> Teleport to Chibi (Girl)