Saturday, 12 December 2009

"Kosei" skins @ Zanzo

Introducing our new "Kosei" skin range for guys at Zanzo!

Available in 5 skin tones, each with 12 face options (centering around natural, freckly, and alternative eyeliner styles), every box comes with two body types.

These are really sexy skins with a youthful but edgy feel to them! Come and try demos, here's a direct SLurl to get you there. ^^

We've also made nine fully optimized shapes for this new range, including all the guys in the poster.

Friday, 11 December 2009

New "Kami" eyes @ Zanzo

Our latest eye range, called "Kami", is now available at the Zanzo main store! We wanted to make some pretty but intense eyes to use as part of the styling for our almost complete male skin range called "Kosei", and here they are.

12 yummy shades, $90L per pair, with a 50% OFF fatpack!

Come and grab some at our main store! ^^

Thursday, 19 November 2009

New "Okiya" womenswear @ Zanzo!

Four new ranges have been added to our oft neglected Okiya area at Zanzo.

The new lines are Miami Shine Tops, Palm Beach Capris, Riviera Summer Dresses, and Victorian Decor Shorts. All sport high quality textures and sculpted enhancements (with the summer dresses being fully sculpted)!

Each line has six colour choices and a discounted fatpack. Please come and have a look (<-- direct landmark)~! ^^

Monday, 9 November 2009

Ambient Designs at Zanzo - now open!

We've spent the past month at Zanzo working on a small prefab project called Ambient Designs and it is now ready just outside of the main city area of our store on the small island over the bridge. ^^

We've opened it up with 6 unique prefabs, both residential and commercial, with an emphasis on mood and ambience. Good prices and high quality with a platform set up where you can view them to see if you like them!

Please come and have a look. ^^

Monday, 12 October 2009

Reborn "Iceni" skin now at Zanzo main store!

Our special "Reborn" concept skin for women is now on sale @ the Zanzo main store. Previously it was only available at the 2009 Skin/Shape Expo which ended yesterday but now it can be found in our female skin section! We've also knocked down the price from L$1200 to L$900.

Included in the pack is the very exotic concept skin (along with a non-makeup "Pure" skin, so that is two unique skins in all), a shape (as seen on the poster) and five never before released pairs of eyes based on our "Diyu" range.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Eleven new menswear ranges added @ Zanzo

We've massively updated our Union 82 range at Zanzo with 11 new lines! Most are menswear with a few leaning to the unisex side. These are our highest quality clothes yet with improved textures and design from before.

The new releases include shirts, singlets/tanks, jeans, pants, capri shorts (check these out!), sculpted vests, & winter scarves.

Take the taxi for a direct look at our exciting new range. ^^

Teleport to Zanzo~!

Sunday, 27 September 2009

"Iceni" Reborn skin @ SKIN/SHAPE Expo '09

Along with many awesome skin and shape makers from around Second Life, we at Zanzo are part of the newly opened SKIN/SHAPE Expo '09, taking place at the KMADD Events sim.

We've decided to display our new "Narcissus" range for men as well as our recent "Reborn" goth skins for female, in an attempt to show the variety that we offer.

But as a special release for the fair, we've made a new slightly tweaked conceptual version of a female Reborn skin called "Iceni". With exotic makeup and the same beautiful pale look, this skin can be find only at the Expo right now. It is just one part of the package though, as a "Pure" skin (no makeup), a fitted shape (as pictured), and five unique and never released eyes are also included.

Better yet, half of the proceeds for every sale go towards Susan G. Komen for the Cure, a breast cancer research foundation. So come and check us and dozens of other designers out!

TP to Zanzo @ SKIN/SHAPE Expo '09!

Saturday, 26 September 2009

New "Classix Sneakers" @ Zanzo

We've released a brand new range of footwear at
Zanzo aimed mainly at every day guys, although they are pretty much unisex as you can see.

Titled "Classix", these are as the name suggests, classic casual footwear that sport rich textures and a variety of themes. Each box features a regular +mod pair and also a no mod w/ resizer script pair so you can mod them whichever way you want!

They cost $250 per pair with a discounted fatpack option.


TP to Zanzo~!

Monday, 14 September 2009

New "Narcissus" skins @ Zanzo

We're happy to announce our new range for men @ Zanzo!!

Called "Narcissus", we believe this may be our best range for guys yet but we'll leave that for you to decide! It is a mature but youthful skin with very sexy features.

In three skin tones and 12 face options, each box comes with three body types (natural, hairy chest, smooth) or in other words, three skins. A discounted fatpack for each tone is also available as always and we've created six fully optimized shapes for the range in a variety of sizes.

Direct SLurl to the skins~!

Monday, 31 August 2009

Noir @ Zanzo - New tattoo area!

We've launched a brand new area at Zanzo called Noir. The build is inspired by classic film noir with a black and white area and hosts our first range of tattoos at Zanzo!

Our introductory range has 27 and we plan to add more in future but hope you like what we have so far. Most are unisex though one or two lean either way. Prices range from L$90-L$220 based on size/complexity.

Noir can be accessed via our teleporter at the Zanzo main store or just look for the new building that is black & white inside. ^^

Sunday, 16 August 2009

New "Koncept tees" @ Zanzo

We've just added a cute line at Zanzo called "Koncept tees".

Available in 6 designs, these are cartoony and kawaii high quality unisex t-shirts. ^^

They are in the "Bratz" area of our main store -> direct tp at landing point.

L$80 each.

Friday, 14 August 2009

New "Athletic 69 Shorts" @ Zanzo

Another day, another new release at Zanzo. :P

These are the sequel / companion series to the Athletic Gym Shorts we released in May that have been really popular. These have a bit more colour to them and are called Athletic 69 Shorts. Again, an ultra-low rise fit with a range of vibrant colours to choose from. Sculpted cuffs and laces included.

L$100 per pair with a discounted fatpack of 'em all! Do want? Teleport to Zanzo!

Friday, 7 August 2009

New "Harajuku Highz" @ Zanzo

We've added a stylishly themed range of hi-tops today called "Harajuku Highz" to the Pink Bubble area of the Zanzo main store. They come in 10 cool styles and two sizing options are included in each pack - regular mod pair and no mod w/ resizer script pairs. L$250 per pair, hope you like them!

Saturday, 1 August 2009

New "Reborn" female skins @ Zanzo

Following up on our very successful "Reborn" skin for guys is a companion skin range at Zanzo. With the same delicious gothic look, these skins are sexy and exotic.

10 makeup options are available and each pack also features a "Pure" skin, free of makeup save for a light eyeliner.

The skins cost just L$600 each with a fatpack option (20% off for the full range).

Demos can be found at this direct landmark!

We've also made five shapes fully optimized for this range:

Hope you like!

Friday, 31 July 2009

"Harmony" skins on sale @ Zanzo

Our popular "Harmony" skins for ladies at Zanzo are now available at a special discount price. We've cut L$250 off each pack to make them L$600 each now. Each pack contains four skins, each one having a different lipstick color for variety. Interested? Take this direct teleport to the skins and check out demos. ^^

Friday, 24 July 2009

New "Boyhood" skins @ Zanzo

After much work, we're happy to reveal our new line of male youth skins at Zanzo! "Boyhood" skins are more versatile than we originally intended, not just child skins but also good for teen and possibly androgynous young adult avatars (try demos ^^). Detailed and vibrant, these skins are available in three yummy skin tones: Todd (pale), Greg (medium tan), Bobby (darker tan).

Each tone has five options to choose from: Bare, Freckly (includes cute upper body freckles!), Blush, Eyeliner, and Boo-Boo. Each skin is L$1200 and comes with two eyebrow options, light and dark, while discounted fatpacks for each tone are available.

As always with new releases, we've made shapes fitted perfectly for the new skins! In this case, nine of 'em. The youngest seven use the female base to male shape conversion that is popular among skinny young avatars. The oldest two, with a little more width and muscle use the regular male base. Come and see 'em in store.

Hope you like!

Note: With the release of these, we've retired two of our older ranges. "Androgyny" (our oldest, it has served us well, but time to go) and "Childhood".

Friday, 17 July 2009

New additions to "Seraphim" skin range @ Zanzo!

We've expanded our popular Seraphim skin range for guys at Zanzo today. Featured in several SL magazines and blogs, Seraphim is one of Second Life's premier androgynous/youthful skin ranges for male avatars, offering a fresh and cool alternative look for those wanting a less mature look than many.

We've added six new skins to each of the four skin tones today. Four are "Femboy" skins with makeups for feminine boys, named "Satin", "Porphyry", "Ruby", and "Harajuku". The other two are more edgy skins with a new emo style variation called "Black Misery" and a scratched eye one called "Neko's Victim" with deep red gashes that extend from the forehead to cheekbone on one side of the face.

Like with our original set, each box comes with light and dark eyebrow options, and costs L$1200 per skin. A discounted fatpack of the entire range is also available for completists. ^^

Teleport to Zanzo

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

New "Uni-Kawaii Boxers" @ Zanzo

Yeah, we keep making new stuff and have no lives. Anyway, today's release at Zanzo are some smexy unisex kawaii themed boxers. Unisex as in each box comes with two versions, male and female, with altered, err... crotch areas to be anatomically correct. They are available in five designs at L$80 each with a discounted fatpack.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

New "X-Body Bags" @ Zanzo

We've added these stylishly themed X-Body Bags to the Pink Bubble area of the Zanzo main store today. We used some of our long-time favourite themes like Hello Kitty, Final Fantasy VII, and Emo - along with a few others.

Each design comes with a default male and female fit and each one of those has a clickable resizer menu. No mod/copy/no transfer, L$150 w/ a discounted fatpack. Hope you like!

Friday, 10 July 2009

New "Kawaii Puptags" @ Zanzo

Something cute today that we've added to the Pink Bubble area of the Zanzo main store. Some might call these dogtags but we put our own spin on them and call them puptags! Six super-kawaii designs are available at L$140 each plus the usual discounted fatpack. Do want? Here's your taxi! ^^

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

New Tokyo Street Style outfits @ Zanzo

After much thought and research we've added a new line of outfits to our popular "Kakkoii!" area at the Zanzo main store.

Inspired by the Tokyo street style, these outfits come in three styles with each one having distinct colours schemes and slight style differences. All are eye-catching and will make you stand out!

"Yas Ape & Yas Lion" $520 each (both in a bundle for $830 ~ 20% off)

"Taku Razor & Taku Horopito" $500 each (both in a bundle for $800 ~ 20% off)

"Tsubasa Diver & Tsubasa Pearl" $480 each (both in a bundle for $770 ~ 20% off)

Every outfit is packed and these are major upgrades on our original line - basically everything you see in each picture minus skin, shape, and hair is included - each outfit having footwear, clothing with several options and sculpted prims for extra realism, and accessories. Resizer script versions are included for many tough-to-resize things like shoes and necklaces.

We have tons more ideas for this line for guys and girls but each outfit takes a while to construct so we'll add them sporadically. Come and check 'em out if you think they'd suit you.


Tuesday, 30 June 2009

New "Go-Go-70" @ Zanzo

We've added some cute retro themed outfits called "Go-Go-70" to the Okiya area of the Zanzo main store today!

In 5 delicious colors, they come with all possible layers, sculpted pieces, and price @ L$200 each. Come and check 'em out!

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Two new releases @ Zanzo

We've released two new lines today at Zanzo, one for the guys and one for the gals!

For the guys comes a new addition to our "King's Road" global menswear range, something of a follow-up to our popular Rajasthani Sheer Shirts. These are called Persian Sheer Shirts and are semi-transparent short-sleeved shirts that come in five nice designs. L$130 each w/ a discounted fatpack available.

For the girls comes a new set of trendy and chic outfits, and they can be found in our "Okiya" ladies area. They are called Rumpled Cocktail Dresses and are outfits that come with a top, silk shawl, sleeves, and a skirt + belt (two versions included, mod and no mod w/ resizer script). Available in five colours, these grooovy outfits cost L$250 each!

Both new releases can be reached quickly via one of the various teleporters at our store or on the "New Sh*t!" board at the landing point.


Thursday, 18 June 2009

New "Harmony" skins @ Zanzo!

We're happy to introduce our new "Harmony" line of skins for females at Zanzo! A lightly tanned skin with beautiful highlighting and details, "Harmony" comes in nine makeup options ranging from a clean naturale look to more adventurous makeups such as the "Kabuki" option. Each pack is priced at L$850 and comes with four lip variations (natural, pink, light red, deep red) or in other words, four skins. Each pack also features tintable eyebrows with three presets (light, dark, brunette) included. We also have an unreleased skin option in a prize chair in the same area. As always, a discounted fatpack is available for anyone who might fall in love with the look and demos are available at our main store. Please come and try 'em on!

Here are four uniquely styled pictures highlighting the new skins!

Harmony ~Noir-
Shape: *Zanzo* Camille shape
Skin: *Zanzo* Harmony (Diesel, deep red lips)
Eyes: *Zanzo* Manhattan (Lafayette)
Hair: Exile covergirl mink
Outfit: B@R Panthere Noire

Harmony ~Beach~
Shape: *Zanzo* Vanessa shape
Skin: *Zanzo* Harmony (Swordfish, natural lips)
Eyes: *Zanzo* Manhattan (Fulton)
Hair: Laqroki ~ Volcano - 06
Bikini: [SINTIMACY] Sexy Beach Bikini (Blue)

Harmony ~Glamour~
Shape: *Zanzo* Tanya shape
Skin: *Zanzo* Harmony (Safari, light red lips)
Eyes: *Zanzo* Manhattan (Lexington)
Hair: Exile Shay scarlett
Outfit: *BP* GoGo Girl

Harmony ~Style~
Shape: *Zanzo* Fiona shape
Skin: *Zanzo* Harmony (Breeze, pink lips)
Eyes: *Zanzo* Manhattan (Roosevelt)
Hair: Exile City Chic brownsugar
Outfit: B@R Long Knit Parka

We've also developed eight shapes optimized specifically for the new skin range. Each shape is modifiable and comes with a style and modification guide, along with eight free eyebrow shapers.

Teleport to Zanzo main store

Sunday, 14 June 2009

New "Mahattan" eyes @ Zanzo!

Hey look, another new eye range at Zanzo! This, not including the full set we gave out as a group exclusive not long ago, is our eighth range of eyes and we have most bases covered now! "Manhattan" is a more straightforward pretty set of eyes, made in preparation for our upcoming female skin range. We have this thing about making eye ranges to compliment new skin ranges. Anyway, "Manhattan" eyes come in 12 varieties and like all of our ranges have a fatpack with a saving of 50% (so 12 for the price of 6). Please come and check 'em out if they tickle your fancy!

Friday, 12 June 2009

New optimized shapes released @ Zanzo!

We've added a bunch of new male shapes to the Zanzo main store today, optimized to three of our in-house skin ranges! They include (please pardon the shoddy image quality, Blogspot loves to crunch them down)...

"Alpha" skins optimized:





"Reborn" skins optimized:




"Seraphim" skins optimized: