Sunday, 26 September 2010

New "High Voltage Kicks" @ Zanzo

We've released our newest sneaker range called "High Voltage Kicks" today at Zanzo!

High quality sculpted sneakers in various colours, styles, and patterns! Each one comes with the two resizing options (normal +mod or resizer script). Good for girls or guys!

L$295 per pair with a discounted fatpack for sneaker addicts! ^^

We hope you like them.

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Monday, 20 September 2010

New "Yorkshire Striped Cardigans" & "Monochrome Baggy Shorts" @ Zanzo!

Hey guys, two new releases today at Zanzo!

"Yorkshire Striped Cardigans" are smart and preppy short-sleeve cardis. Featuring sculpted bottom, cuffs, collar, and a styled undershirt to wear underneath. L$190 per cardi with a discounted fatpack available.

"Monochrome Baggy Shorts" are black and baggy shorts with sculpted cuffs. Each has a cool design on the cuffs! L$200 per pair, also with a discounted fatpack available.

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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

New "London" skins @ Zanzo!

We're happy to present our first skin range of 2010 at Zanzo!

Our new "London" skins for guys are what we believe to be our most detailed yet. Available in 5 skin tones and 10 face options, we have included the new SL 2.0+ tattoo layers that lets you wear a hairbase or body hair using the new "tattoo" layer. Also included are free sculpted bare feet textured to match the skin tone closely!

We've also made 12 fully optimized shapes for these skins! You can see a few of them below.

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Sunday, 12 September 2010

New "Apostle" eyes @ Zanzo

We've released our brand new "Apostle" eye range at Zanzo today. Available in 12 shades, they are intense and quite dark in tone!

They are L$90 each w/ a 50% off fatpack available.

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Friday, 3 September 2010

Hair, now at Zanzo!

New at Zanzo is... hair!? After about 2 1/2 years in operation we've finally delved into hair with 12 trendy styles for guys in our introductory range.

Each hairstyle has the option of nine different color packs (each pack containing 3 different shades of that color type) that are priced at L$200 each, as well as a 50% off fatpack which has all 27 colors in it.

Each style also comes with two modification options as we've included both to avoid the endless debate about which is better: standard mod version and resizer scripted (no mod).

Demos are of course available for each range also! Come and take a look at 'em, hopefully you find something you like. ^^

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

New "Aurora Hideaways" @ Zanzo/Ambient Designs!

We've made some new high quality low prim skyboxes called Aurora Hideaways for our Ambient Designs prefab brand at Zanzo.

In 6 styles, they are our best prefabs yet with realistic baked shadows and textures made in 3D Studio Max! Themes include Aether Hub (anime style), Forlorn Forks (Twilight inspired), and Cute Carnival (kawaii!).

They are L$549 each, come with themed bed (with sleeping pose), beanbag (with sit pose), and framed photos, and are viewable on our demo platform.

27 prims alone or 48 prims with all the extras rezzed (bed, beanbag, framed photos). Each also has a scripted front door and windows with different levels of transparency.

Click here to take a look at them in-world!