Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Zanzo "the sim" launches!

After lots of hard work, we today finally launched the Zanzo sim. Almost a year into our existence we finally got to the point where we felt we could take the giant leap to simdom! We're really proud of how it looks and made sure we retained everything that has appealed to people in our concept.

The centerpiece of our new sim is of course the new Zanzo mainstore, which is bigger and better than ever, an upgrade from a Harajuku-style street to a Shibuya/Tokyo-style city area. Everything is more spacious than before and we've released a couple of new t-shirt ranges for the launch: "Konnichiwa tees" in the Bratz area and "Thai Royal tees" in the Union 82 area.

The sim also sports a relaxing park (just outside our mainstore) which is a nice place to just sit around or play 7Seas Fishing, which we have.

We're also happy to welcome seven other main stores to our sim: The Black Canary, BLOOD ROYAL, Boycut, FG Underground, HeLLa JeSSTuReS, Mishmosh Designs, and Wicked Workshop. And finally, Jadis Mai's Diello's Cafe, a quiet little coffee shop that welcomes anyone for a drink and some cake.

So please come and check us out, have a walk around the lit up roads and check our everything our sim has to offer. ^^

Thursday, 26 March 2009

The Bunny Hop starts later

About 300 stores -- including us at Zanzo -- will be taking part in "The Bunny Hop" grid-wide hunt that starts at 00:00 SLT time (GMT -8) from 3/27 to 4/19.

There are so many of these hunts and to be honest we don't take part in many as they are a dime a dozen, but I really like the theme and idea of this one, with a cool crossover between English and Japanese language (and probably a fair few others) stores. As a big admirer of the underappreciated Japanese SL scene, I'm hopeful that this will open more eyes to the creative stuff Japanese SLers create.

Anyway, we've already released our gift (called the "Bunny Fiesta Egg", three separate items) and announced it to group members and now anyone who reads this. You'll have to find it in our store but it shouldn't be too hard (*hintlookforlotsofpinkhint*).

Visit the hunt's starting point and start hopping!

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Update on the sim

Our brand spankin' new sim is nearing completion. Although Dru has had to go away for a couple of week because of RL stuff, we still expect to launch it right around the start of April.

Above is a snapshot posted on my Flickr recently that shows some of the stores (several still under construction) that will be in our sim, while there is a glimpse of the new Zanzo main store, but the majority of it is housed beyond that mass of skyscrapers. The park is very nice and sports a 7Seas fishing area for relaxing or fun.

We're eager to start making products again... it has been a little over two weeks since we made anything and by our standards that is an eternity!

See you soon~!

Friday, 13 March 2009

Zanzo sim update and rental opportunities

The Zanzo sim is coming along really well and I think we're well on course to launch by our projected date of April 1st. The new build is looking stunning, sort of a logical upgrade from our current Harajuku street to a mini-Shibuya style city square.

We've also created a park that isn't quite finished yet but looking fantastic. Furthermore, five main stores have joined us and one coffee shop that will provide a nice place to chillax.

We still have two parcels left, both excellent opportunities. (UPDATE: Both gone)

1. 4800 sq. m / 1098 prims - This is a huge lot with lots of prims to use and also has other benefits. It has an unobstructed view of the park in front of it (the other grassy patch over the makeshift road won't be used for anything but a light meadow) and also a diagonal view of the Zanzo main store.

2. 2992 sq. m / 684 prims - In the north-west corner of the sim is this nicely sized plot with water views on two sides, the road on the other, and the coffee shop in the parcel next door. Another excellent opportunity.

* Tenants get full parcel control.
* Those chunky makeshift pathways will be converted into attractive ground-level roads for easy navigation around the sim.
* If interested in a parcel send a notecard to me, Theodore DuCasse, with your shop (or other venture) name, landmark and product pics if possible. We'll scan it and contact you if its all good to give you a look at it, the rental agreement, and so on.

Monday, 9 March 2009

Zanzo "the sim" is coming!

Almost one year into our existence, we've finally grown to the point we can move to our own sim~! Yay, its a big step but one we're excited about. We acquired the sim and renamed it to -- have a guess -- yup, Zanzo, and have begun construction on a fabulous new and expanded build of our store!

We've left about half of the sim free for rental prospects. Zanzo is a high traffic store that stresses quality. As such, our sim will also be attractive with a road stretching through the sim, a park area, and carefully divided parcels.

We're offering seven nicely sized parcels that would be perfect for a medium sized main store or hangout (dance clubs excluded). There are still possibilities for larger ones, if open parcels are joined together. As long as the concept fits in generally and follows the basic rules (notecard available) that come with any themed sim, it is likely to be welcome. FULL parcel rights are granted to tenants (name, description, media streams, ban list, ability to put your place in SL search, etc.).

Interested? Send a notecard or IM to me, Theodore DuCasse, in-world for a list of our available packages, guidelines, and if your interest persists, we can give you a look at the land we still have available.

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Zanzo @ Too Cool 4 School Show today

Zanzo's school uniforms will be featured today as part of GLANCE International Agency's "Too Cool 4 School Show" at 11am SLT. Feel free to go on down and check them out on the catwalk, woot!

Friday, 6 March 2009

New prize chair: Oxford Loafers (Rose Hill)

We've added a new prize chair today at Zanzo. Sitting for 120 minutes on it will get you an unreleased pair of the new Oxford Loafers called "Rose Hill". Come and get 'em!

Thursday, 5 March 2009

New additions to the "King's Road" line

We've expanded our popular King's Road range at Zanzo with the second line of culturally inspired menswear! Four new arrivals and they are...

- Manchester Scene Cardigans
Smart but stylish cardigans and jeans (sold separately so you can mix 'n' match colors as you please) that many young guys today wear. The cardigans feature sculpted cuffs and also come with a complimentary black shirt which itself has a sculpted collar and can be worn under the cardigan or separately. As our recent freebie giveaway showed when they were blogged by quite a few girls, these also have a unisex appeal to them! The jeans are styled with checkered patterns and come in five colors.

- Tokugawa Shirts
More Asian inspired wear, these shirts are extremely sexy, each sporting a unique pattern similar to the Nehru Jackets. Each shirt comes with a sculpted collar and sleeves.

- Oxford Loafers
Formal and stylish sculpted loafers, these can be worn with a variety of clothing styles. They feature very realistic textures and come in five colors.

- Estancia Polo Boots
More niche footwear this time as these polo boots are long (two pieces per foot) and very unique. Also in five varieties!

Everything is mod/copy/no transfer.

All have fatpacks with 20% discounts on the entire range. Come and see!

New shape: Kai-Rey

Kai-Rey is a new shape we released a couple of days ago, optimized to our yummy Seraphim skins. He has a sort of exotic and Eurasian look, is age 19, and is lean but well built. We're also in the process of assessing and upgrading some of our earlier shapes. Two of our original teen shapes, Isaac and Johnny, have already been updated and reoptimized to Gen-Y skins.