Thursday, 27 June 2013

Sugoi Crop Tops & Capri Pants @ Zanzo

New @ Zanzo - Sugoi Crop Tops & Capri Pants!

Zanzo is 5 years old and we've always been centered ourselves around cute and colourful stuff, so we thought we'd stay true to that theme with our first releases since we turned 5.

These two ranges go really well together but also look great worn with other clothes. Both come in six yummy designs, each with five sizes included.

As always, you can try on demos of each size to see if they fit you. ^^

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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Land for rent @ Zanzo sim

We have two parcels available for rent at the Zanzo sim! Both are corner parcels and are ideal for commercial use.

The Zanzo sim is over 4 years old and we can offer a friendly, attractive, and well maintained region for any tenant. Some of our renters have been with us 3+ years!

Full parcel control is granted to you so you can list it in the search engine, set your music stream, and so on. Terraforming and sky-based studios/skyboxes are also allowed. Rental is paid monthly.

Please contact Theodore DuCasse in-world if you have any questions or are interested. Here are the available parcels:

Lot 1 - 2992 sq. m / 684 prims (can possibly be doubled up with the opposing parcel for a total of approx. 1250 prims)

Lot 2 - 3168 sq. m / 725 prims

Monday, 17 June 2013

Zanzo is 5 years old! New look store and freebies!

Zanzo is 5 years old! It has been a wonderful journey for us since launching a tiny shop in the mall area of a now defunct Harry Potter sim, and we have enjoyed every minute of it. Without you guys supporting us we'd never have survived this long.

So we appreciate every visit to our store, everyone who finds our stuff worth buying, everyone who has told a friend about us, everyone who has put us in their Picks, everyone who has supported us in any other way.

Zanzo is getting older so we have decided to mature the brand a little by debuting a new logo and build that is more "sleek" than our traditional colourful builds. We've simplified things by merging mini-brands into basic areas (such as Male Fashion, Female Fashion). We've not quite finished it yet but it's presentable and open to the public. Our products will continue to be as diverse and eye-catching as always though.

To celebrate our 5th anniversary we've put two mesh freebies near the landing point (up the steps - female freebie near female fashion, male freebie near male fashion). So come and grab 'em and if you're so inclined, reacquaint yourself with our store. We're feeling as motivated as ever and have many new releases planned.

Here's to 5 more years. Thank you all so much for your support and let your friends know about us!

~ Theodore & Drusus DuCasse ~

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