Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Zanzo "the sim" launches!

After lots of hard work, we today finally launched the Zanzo sim. Almost a year into our existence we finally got to the point where we felt we could take the giant leap to simdom! We're really proud of how it looks and made sure we retained everything that has appealed to people in our concept.

The centerpiece of our new sim is of course the new Zanzo mainstore, which is bigger and better than ever, an upgrade from a Harajuku-style street to a Shibuya/Tokyo-style city area. Everything is more spacious than before and we've released a couple of new t-shirt ranges for the launch: "Konnichiwa tees" in the Bratz area and "Thai Royal tees" in the Union 82 area.

The sim also sports a relaxing park (just outside our mainstore) which is a nice place to just sit around or play 7Seas Fishing, which we have.

We're also happy to welcome seven other main stores to our sim: The Black Canary, BLOOD ROYAL, Boycut, FG Underground, HeLLa JeSSTuReS, Mishmosh Designs, and Wicked Workshop. And finally, Jadis Mai's Diello's Cafe, a quiet little coffee shop that welcomes anyone for a drink and some cake.

So please come and check us out, have a walk around the lit up roads and check our everything our sim has to offer. ^^