Thursday, 4 July 2013

Streetwise Skinny Pants @ Zanzo

New @ Zanzo - Streetwise Skinny Pants!

Our newest mesh release is this range of super-sexy pants for guys. Be aware though they are low-rise and not for the prudish. :P

They come in six designs and each design has six sizes for a variety of fits, plus an alpha to help out.

As always, you can grab demos from the vendor and try all six sizes on to see if they work for you.

Also, be sure to join our group (*Zanzo*) for a freebie pair made just for group members! ^^

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Monday, 1 July 2013

Nightlife Casual Tees @ Zanzo

New @ Zanzo - Nightlife Casual Tees!

These mesh deep neck t-shirts for guys are our latest release and come in six fun designs. A seventh design for group members only is available if you're in our group (*Zanzo*). ^^

They come in 5 sizes with demos available on the vendor to try them on your shape before buying.

Come check 'em out!

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