Thursday, 18 June 2009

New "Harmony" skins @ Zanzo!

We're happy to introduce our new "Harmony" line of skins for females at Zanzo! A lightly tanned skin with beautiful highlighting and details, "Harmony" comes in nine makeup options ranging from a clean naturale look to more adventurous makeups such as the "Kabuki" option. Each pack is priced at L$850 and comes with four lip variations (natural, pink, light red, deep red) or in other words, four skins. Each pack also features tintable eyebrows with three presets (light, dark, brunette) included. We also have an unreleased skin option in a prize chair in the same area. As always, a discounted fatpack is available for anyone who might fall in love with the look and demos are available at our main store. Please come and try 'em on!

Here are four uniquely styled pictures highlighting the new skins!

Harmony ~Noir-
Shape: *Zanzo* Camille shape
Skin: *Zanzo* Harmony (Diesel, deep red lips)
Eyes: *Zanzo* Manhattan (Lafayette)
Hair: Exile covergirl mink
Outfit: B@R Panthere Noire

Harmony ~Beach~
Shape: *Zanzo* Vanessa shape
Skin: *Zanzo* Harmony (Swordfish, natural lips)
Eyes: *Zanzo* Manhattan (Fulton)
Hair: Laqroki ~ Volcano - 06
Bikini: [SINTIMACY] Sexy Beach Bikini (Blue)

Harmony ~Glamour~
Shape: *Zanzo* Tanya shape
Skin: *Zanzo* Harmony (Safari, light red lips)
Eyes: *Zanzo* Manhattan (Lexington)
Hair: Exile Shay scarlett
Outfit: *BP* GoGo Girl

Harmony ~Style~
Shape: *Zanzo* Fiona shape
Skin: *Zanzo* Harmony (Breeze, pink lips)
Eyes: *Zanzo* Manhattan (Roosevelt)
Hair: Exile City Chic brownsugar
Outfit: B@R Long Knit Parka

We've also developed eight shapes optimized specifically for the new skin range. Each shape is modifiable and comes with a style and modification guide, along with eight free eyebrow shapers.

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