Sunday, 27 September 2009

"Iceni" Reborn skin @ SKIN/SHAPE Expo '09

Along with many awesome skin and shape makers from around Second Life, we at Zanzo are part of the newly opened SKIN/SHAPE Expo '09, taking place at the KMADD Events sim.

We've decided to display our new "Narcissus" range for men as well as our recent "Reborn" goth skins for female, in an attempt to show the variety that we offer.

But as a special release for the fair, we've made a new slightly tweaked conceptual version of a female Reborn skin called "Iceni". With exotic makeup and the same beautiful pale look, this skin can be find only at the Expo right now. It is just one part of the package though, as a "Pure" skin (no makeup), a fitted shape (as pictured), and five unique and never released eyes are also included.

Better yet, half of the proceeds for every sale go towards Susan G. Komen for the Cure, a breast cancer research foundation. So come and check us and dozens of other designers out!

TP to Zanzo @ SKIN/SHAPE Expo '09!