Wednesday, 8 July 2009

New Tokyo Street Style outfits @ Zanzo

After much thought and research we've added a new line of outfits to our popular "Kakkoii!" area at the Zanzo main store.

Inspired by the Tokyo street style, these outfits come in three styles with each one having distinct colours schemes and slight style differences. All are eye-catching and will make you stand out!

"Yas Ape & Yas Lion" $520 each (both in a bundle for $830 ~ 20% off)

"Taku Razor & Taku Horopito" $500 each (both in a bundle for $800 ~ 20% off)

"Tsubasa Diver & Tsubasa Pearl" $480 each (both in a bundle for $770 ~ 20% off)

Every outfit is packed and these are major upgrades on our original line - basically everything you see in each picture minus skin, shape, and hair is included - each outfit having footwear, clothing with several options and sculpted prims for extra realism, and accessories. Resizer script versions are included for many tough-to-resize things like shoes and necklaces.

We have tons more ideas for this line for guys and girls but each outfit takes a while to construct so we'll add them sporadically. Come and check 'em out if you think they'd suit you.