Saturday, 20 December 2008

Zanzo presents "Gen-Y" skin range!

After lots of planning and work, we've finally released our "Gen-Y" skin range. "Androgyny" has been a hit among younger avatars, but not everyone wants flawless perfection, thus the arrival of "Gen-Y". Detailed, realistic, and authentic skins for teenage and young adult avatars, these will help fill a gap that has been long left open in SL.

The range offers four shades - Milk, Cream, Cappuccino, Latte - and each range has six options: Bare, Freckly, Blush, Light Eyeliner, Heavy Eyeliner, Dense Eyeliner. Each box features TWO skins - smooth and pubic hair versions. If the range is as popular as "Androgyny", we may introduce a bunch of concept skins. We're also thinking of adding a "Femboy" range with the same style, for those boys who like a feminine touch in their avatar.

Anyway, please come and try out the demos at our store and grab one for just $900L (20% discounted fatpacks available!) if you like 'em! We again reshaped the skin and shapes area today to try and accomodate our growing stock, adding a second floor to the skin area and giving it an amusement arcade feel.

Oh, and to go with the new skins, we've released eight fully optimized shapes. Here's a few of them. :]