Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Zanzo nominated in Vain Readers' Choice Awards 2008

I just found out earlier today that Zanzo is up for an award in the Vain Readers' Choice Awards this year. We're up for the "Best Kawaii Wear" award alongside some pretty cool stores like Aoharu, Sn@tch, and Barerose.

This is pretty big for us considering we only launched in April. Voting is over so we can't bribe our friends to vote (kidding!) can only wait and see if we come anywhere close to winning.

Hopefully next year we can get ourselves in other categories. While we lack our defining mature adult range right now - something we're confident our Gen-X skins will change - I think our skins are of excellent value (none even hit L$1,000, a considerable rarity) and excellent quality, which keeps improving with each new release.

I also tend to think our shapes fill several niches, as while many male shape stores offer the typical 7'0"+ big men, we offer a huge variety from little kids to said massive men. We've often wondered if catering to all avatar ages will keep us from ever entering the posh, high street-dominated "SL mainstream" if we're indeed destined to ever reach it, but its something we refuse to change and always will do - everyone, no matter what their avatar appearance or age, has a place in SL and we intend to give all of them something of interest.