Monday, 15 December 2008

Touching up the main store!

We've been touching up our main store a little. Trying to make it more attractive, better themed, and easier to navigate.

Some of our older skin ranges like "Androgyny", "Nekoism", and "Machismo" were starting to look outdated just plastered on walls, when we have the much more stylish "Frat Boy", "Bishonen", "The Fae", and "Madame de Pompadour" displays. So we've overhauled the backgrounds a little and themed them a little better so that now the men's skin area looks a little less factory-like.

As for the male shapes, well they were all packed together until now. We recently closed our teenage area "Midnight" as skin ranges were just being repeated there, so it was sort of redundant. Instead, we've merged them in with the adult shapes and now we've categorized our shapes by what skins they are optimized for. They are still ordered by age WITHIN those categories, but many people want to know quickly what skins the shape looks best with, and this helps.

Pink Bubble is probably our most popular sub-brand, yet the store was bland in comparison to Union 82 and Kakkoii!. So we've given it a big overhaul, made it way cooler, and added a second floor to it. Hope you like it!

One of the issues we're having to tackle at Zanzo is that we only have around 5,000 prims to work with and limited space. We're now having to be a lot more prim and space conscious. In January, "The Fae" exhibit will be downsized, freeing up a lot of space and prims for new projects. Like I said in my last post, we hope we can reach a stage in time where we can upgrade to a sim or half-sim to allow our product range to grow without too many worries.