Thursday, 23 April 2009

Three new range releases today @ Zanzo

Ahoy! Three new ranges on shelves today at Zanzo~!

Firstly, in the King's Road men's area are these elegant new Shanghai Silk Shirts. Each one sports not only a different color but a different dragon themed pattern. Rich textures and sculpted parts give these amazing style! In five varieties at $160 each with a 20% discounted fatpack.

The other two releases are in the Okiya women's area. The Saigon Silk Shirts are sleeveless tops with a sculpted Mandarin collar and a beautiful floral design that stretches around the shirt. In five colors, these are $110 each and great for the warmer seasons we're now in.

Finally, we've released a range of sculpted Designer Belts, each with a high quality texture. These belts come with two modification options, a regular +mod copy to stretch or a no mod copy with resizer script included that you can just click on to adjust. Only $80L each, they are good for matching to many outfits!

All three ranges can be found in the areas mentioned or with a quick one-click teleport at the main store landing point. Thanks!