Saturday, 11 April 2009

New "Supah Fresh Sneeks" @ Zanzo

Spring is here and summer is coming in many parts of the world, and our new sneaker range at Zanzo are made with the brighter seasons in mind.

Our new "Supah Fresh Sneeks" are bright and eye-catchingly funky unisex sculpted sneakers and can be found in the Bratz area of the Zanzo main store in eight delicious flavors.

Each design comes with two pairs for different modification options:

1. Resizer script (shoes are NO MOD)
2. No resizer script (shoes are MOD and fitted to male shape size 0 foot)

This will be the standard with all our sneakers (and any other complex prim wear that is hard to re-fit) from now on. The Oxford Loafers and Estancia Polo Boots in our King's Road line have also been updated with resizer options.