Thursday, 9 April 2009

NEW "Alpha skins" @ Zanzo

We're happy to announce our newest range of men's skins that we've been at work on for quite some time now at Zanzo. Titled "Alpha", this mature men's line offers a balanced look of masculinity and style. The range comes in four skin tones inspired by different regions of the world.

From lightest to darkest they are Saxon, Parthian, Iberian, and Nubian. For each tone we have a choice of nine different facial options including various growth levels from baby smooth to dense stubble, styled facial hairs, and alternative (emo, scarred) looks. Each skin box also comes with two body hair variations - smooth upper body or natural body hair.

Please come and grab the demo boxes if you're interested. For anyone after a "made" look, we've also made four fully optimized shapes, one for each tone, and more will follow in the coming days. Each shape features a full style and modification guide.