Friday, 24 October 2008

Scenic skies, monotony, and new skinz~!

So a lot of people apparently don't realize that not only can you create your own skies in Second Life now (and have been able to for a while), but there are also some wicked preset ones ("Sheer Surreality" being my favourite). I was messing with the settings and its really cool how much you can do - also useful for photography with the "Scene Gamma" setting, although I find turning off atmospheric shaders is still best for clothing and face shots, as I still can't find the best lighting setting with the full Windlight experience to give the face a non-shadowy or non-staring-at-the-sun appearance. Anyway, experiment with skies! World -> Environment Settings -> Environment Editor -> Advanced Sky

Running a store can lead to some very monotonous moments. We've moved to a "rack" system for most of our individual clothing items, meaning they look like this in the store...

Cool, but then one day you realize you want to put them on the web, like at Xstreet SL (the recently renamed SL Exchange), and, well... you groan at the realization that you have to get on the pose stand and reshoot a bunch of clothes you've already laboured over for hours. And that is what I've been doing lately, preparing a bunch of our stuff to go on Xstreet SL in hopes some people who don't know about our store in-world will find our stuff on there and like it enough to not only buy it, but come and visit our main store.

We're working on two - well, three, sort of - skin ranges right now. Coming soon is a stand alone set that we're calling "Frat Boy". We have skins for just about every age group under perhaps 40, and are getting more specific now - we recently released kids ones, and this set will be for the 18-24ish male type who doesn't have very mature features yet. They are looking great, and here is a preview of the base skin on a new shape I've made. We still plan to add a few details to the skin (and fix the slight nipple problem), but this is a good idea of how it'll look - sort of a bridge skin between boyish teen and mature adult, we think.

The other two ranges, male and female, are actually part of one range, related to that big project we're working on. After that, we need to kick out a new range of main female skins, as we don't think our current Nubile range is up to the standard we're capable of, which is why we're selling them off at just $200L each right now.