Tuesday, 28 October 2008

New "Chunkies" sneakers!

We've released our first shoe range at Zanzo, called "Chunkies"! They're called that because, well... they're all cute and chunky. Sculpted and with stylish designs, they come in fourteen variations, separated into two areas of our main store, the cutesy ones in Pink Bubble and more preppy/casual ones in Union 82. This is our first attempt at shoes and we'd love feedback for future releases. Each pair costs $150L, and comes with mod/copy/no transfer permissions.

If you aren't using one of the new Second Life client releases, there is a chance that the shoes could appear all distorted. This is because only the new releases support a sculpty technique we used to make them, so please be aware of that before you buy 'em... the shoes aren't horribly broken, its just a Second Life thing~! :O

Our new releases will probably slow somewhat for a while now as we tackle the new mystery project head on, but there will still be shapes and occasional other releases between now and then, I'm sure.

Oh yeah, we switched to Subscribe-O-Matic in-world, so please head to one of our stores and click the group sign (doesn't take one of your 25 slots!), then you can leave our other update group (does take one of your 25 slots!).