Monday, 16 February 2009

New "Seraphim Skins" @ Zanzo

Introducing "Seraphim Skins" our brand new skin range at Zanzo. The long awaited sequel to one of our oldest ranges, "Androgyny", these bring a whole new level of androgynous beauty to Second Life males. We worked really hard to create an amazingly beautiful range for guys who like this style.

In four yummy skin tones - Gabriel, Raphael, Zerachiel, Michael - there are 15 variations that cover some ground; natural styles, emo styles, alternative styles, femboy styles, and Final Fantasy + anime styles. Each box also contains two eyebrow tones, light and dark, to match whatever your hair style is. Demos available as always along with discounted fatpacks!

We've also made four shapes optimized to the range and more will come over the week.