Friday, 6 February 2009

New "School Daze" outfits @ Zanzo

Zanzo presents the latest addition to its Kakkoii! line, "School Daze"! Stylish, sexy, colorful school outfits for guys and girls with a whole bunch of combination styles from formal school uniform to scruffy street style with loose tie.

The info:

- Only $450 for what can be essentially three or four outfits, depending on how you mix and match (style guide included with recommended looks)
- Each pack contains 24 pieces, including lots of sculpted enhancements such as cuffs, sleeves, ties (normal and untied styles), and blazer bottoms.
- Sculpted school shoes included (girls get two variations).

Here are a couple of examples (there are five uniforms for guys and five uniforms for girls in total)

Come by our main store and teleport to the Kakkoii! area (well, its just to the left of landing point if you'd rather walk), then grab yourself some sexy Asian style!