Saturday, 17 January 2009

New "Pink Bubble" skyboxes @ Zanzo

Three new prefab skyboxes are available in the Pink Bubble area of Zanzo now and they super kawaii!

Like? If you aren't sure, we have demos above the store that you can reach by clicking the teleporters below the displays. Quick info on the skyboxes.

- Only 65 prims each
- Fit on a 1024 sq. m parcel
- Spacious and unfurnished with two floors and stairs
- Copy/mod/no trans, so you can change whatever you want
- Linked, no complex rez-faux stuff, just rez it and place
- All textures are custom made
- Realistic shadowing for added ambience

Also released two new boy shapes optimized for the Gen-Y skin range, so come and see~!