Saturday, 3 January 2009

"The Fae" event area closed

The other day we closed our specially themed event center for "The Fae" at Zanzo. The whole area stayed up for about a month, which is a fair bit less than we planned. As a new brand, there is a lot of trial and error with what we produce - luckily for us, most of our stuff so far has worked well and been popular, but after three months working on "The Fae", it didn't garner much interest and used almost a quarter of the prim allowance for our main store.

Most of our sales were to men and even then it was the "Basics" (Bare, Freckly, three eyeliner variations) that sold, rather than the makeup styles. Oddly enough, people have queued up at the Lucky Chairs for the two Fae skins in them, which both have makeup. I don't know if this means we promoted and branded the concept wrong, or if its just the idea of getting a $950L skin for free that has caused that.

Despite the lack of interest in "The Fae" as a concept at large, we're really proud of our work on it. In downsizing it, we've removed a large chunk of the makeup variations (some may go in the Lucky Chairs over time) and kept only the best ones, plus the "Basics". In total, male and female, there are still 120 skins from the range on sale, plus the optimized shapes we made. The men's skins have a small area added to the skin section, while the shapes are over in the shape section. The girl's skins and shapes are combined in their area, upstairs.

A post featuring "The Fae" by my friend Takeshi Ugajin at his blog, Shop With Takeshi, will hopefully open some eyes to the concept, even if a little late for some to see the original vision, story and all.

It certainly was an experience for us creating a fresh spin on a popular race and we learned a lot by it. Hopefully in future we can create more cool themes for the event center!