Thursday, 9 December 2010

Two new ranges @ Zanzo!

Two new releases today at Zanzo as we begin to move our King's Road collection in a new direction. We're experimenting with a fusion of modern and historical fashion, still with the same cultured feel of our older stuff in that area, and hopefully you like some of the results.

Drake's Modern Ruff - An Asiatic-Elizabethan inspired half-shirt with a unique mask. Mask is sculpted as is the neck piece, collar, chest roll, and cuffs. L$200 each, 6 colors available.

Battista Doublets - Inspired by Renaissance fashion but with a modern twist, these doublets have fully sculpted arm cuffs, collar, and hem. L$250 each, 6 colors available.

Hope you like them! They can be found in the King's Road area of the Zanzo main store via teleporters or the New Release board.