Wednesday, 1 September 2010

New "Aurora Hideaways" @ Zanzo/Ambient Designs!

We've made some new high quality low prim skyboxes called Aurora Hideaways for our Ambient Designs prefab brand at Zanzo.

In 6 styles, they are our best prefabs yet with realistic baked shadows and textures made in 3D Studio Max! Themes include Aether Hub (anime style), Forlorn Forks (Twilight inspired), and Cute Carnival (kawaii!).

They are L$549 each, come with themed bed (with sleeping pose), beanbag (with sit pose), and framed photos, and are viewable on our demo platform.

27 prims alone or 48 prims with all the extras rezzed (bed, beanbag, framed photos). Each also has a scripted front door and windows with different levels of transparency.

Click here to take a look at them in-world!