Monday, 18 May 2009

New "Reborn" skins & "Diyu" eyes @ Zanzo

Inspired by Twilight come two brand new releases at Zanzo.

Firstly are our brand new "Reborn" skins for men, highly detailed pale skins for a great goth-style look. In six variations - Bare, Stubble, Dark Night, Red Eclipse, Midnight Grief, and Sated Hunger - each purchase comes with two eyebrow + pubic hair colours (dark and light) to match different hair colours. Demos can be found at our main store and a discounted fatpack is also available!

New shapes optimized for this new range are: Adrian, Charles, Etienne, Sozaburo

Our second new release goes hand in hand and is a new eye range called "Diyu". In 12 varieties, these have a deep and supernatural flavour to them and are L$90 each with a 50% off fatpack available.

Come and check 'em out!